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We just returned from our second stay at Poggiacolle in 5 just months! We visited San Gimignano in October of 2007 and couldn't wait to return! So we planned our next trip once we returned home! We really loved our stay in San Gimignano and especially out stay at Poggiacolle! We were greeted by Stefano with a bottle of wine and a double kiss (the official Italian greeting!)! Our farmhouse rooms were clean, spacious and nicely, though simply, decorated! There were lots of warm towels, blankets and the beds were really comfortable! We had a central kitchen with a stove, sink, refrigerator and fireplace (with lots of firewood). Our rooms, bathrooms and kitchen were cleaned daily. And the views! The hill town of San Gimignano, the vineyards and the olive groves...Awesome! Every window had a great view. We enjoyed breakfast each morning on our first stay and found it so Italian and delicious! Warm croissants, thick black coffee, cheese and yogurt! Yum-Yum! Stefano was a tourist host's dream. He was ready with lots of travel ideas and recommendations. He even arranged for a cooking class for our group! The walled town of San Gimignano is a five minute drive or a 30 minute (beautiful) walk. The walled town has lots of great restaurants, shops and history! There are many other exciting and beautiful things to see within a 20 minute to 2 hour drive. One of our favorite day trips was a drive to the west coast and then north to Pisa! So beautiful! We also took a day long wine tour/class. We visited two wineries with complete tours of each winery and lunch at a local Italian home with olive oil tasting. It was great!
So for a trip to Tuscany we can fully recommend a trip to San Gimignano and a stay at Poggiacolle! It was truly wonderful!
Sandi Regnier
California, USA

Marcella and Stefano,
Thank you for such a wonderful adventure. We were visiting our neice in Napoli and she arranged for us to come here to your agriturismo with her.
The countryside is so beautiful and!
We enjoied the sights around here for miles.
We hope to again come and visit you in San Gimignano.
This hilltop will long be remembered by us.
Thank you and Ciao!
Michael Lethieu, Mary Beth Lethieu, Noan
Seattle, Wa.
Orting, Wa.

This is how life should be peaceful and beautiful.
Thank you Stefano, Maria Luisa and Eddo for a wonderful week in your portion of heaven. I will recommend a stay at Poggiacolle to everyone in Bermuda!
Diana from Bermuda

Italian hospitality perfecto! You helped us forget about our busy lives for a week. Thank you,
Niki and Tony (USA)

This place is heaven! Your picture don't come close to the beauty of San Gimignano. And your soap is fabulous!
Best regards,
Frani and Joseph (USA)

Thank you for your gracious hospitality in sharing the beauty of Tuscany with us!
Chmura Family (USA)

Caro e grande Stefano,
Thank you for helping to make Poggiacolle an instrumental location in letting my Chet Baker Project continue to take shape.
Ciao, Grande!
Davide (from Los Angeles)

We had a wonderful time here and we really appreciated the hospitality!
Above all it was incredibly to meet Eddo and Maria Luisa who invite us into their home for the cooking lesson and dinner.
We feel very lucky to have shared a few days of your wonderful life here in Tuscany.
Kay and Ian (from Victoria B.C.)

You have a beautiful place here! We had a wonderful time. Thank you and your father for being so helpful and gracious.
Hope we can come back soon.
We will recommend you to all we talk to.
Thank you!
Sue + Rich
Gloria + Joe
Kathy + Bill

Eddo, Marcella and Stefano,
Thank you for a lovely stay at Poggiacolle. The farmhouse and the winery are beautiful.
Eddo - Thank you for taking care of use during our vacation!
Stefano - We are sorry to miss you. I hope you are feeling better.
We will see you again in San Gmignano!
Grazie + ciao!
Chona Reyes and Mary Beth Phillips (from Palo Alto California USA)

Poggiacolle is a little slice of heaven. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. We will think about this beautiful hilltop often.
Don Silsbe
Bella, bella, bella Terrri Silsbe

Keim & Ridley, Hong Kong
...San Gimignano is such a great place to stay. The day trips to Florence and Siena were so easy. And the pool was a hit with the kids!...

Paul & Naomi, Oxford, England
...What a place! You can go "sightseeing" right out your bedroom window. Glorious views, excellent relaxation, poolside action, endless ping pong, barbecuing, superb location, tasty local wine, what farm holiday could be better than Poggiacolle? A fun-filled week for both generations in our family...

Karen & Steve, Canada
...Stefano, you were so great to talk to and spoke English well, which was really a great help...

...what a great place to have as a home base in Tuscany. We did day trips every day and it was so convenient to every location. And the pool was the perfect refresher upon our return each evening...

June '01, Dick & Elena, Indiana, USA
...the magic of Poggiacolle is quite apparent. It is just "there"...

Ada & Nadar, Israel
...after nearly a whole year of preparations-finally our Tuscan wedding took place. It was amazing. We couldn't have done it without you...

Al & Marge, California, USA i sit and have a wonderful glass of chianti, I think this is the perfect place to wind down our six week tour of your beautiful Italy. Thank you for this beautiful spot...

Alicia & Tom, California, USA
...such a peaceful and magical place, it will be hard to go back to San Francisco. We were simply enchanted by the view and lovely surroundings. It makes one hesitant to depart...

June '99, Ben & Peggy, Canada
...Poggiacolle was a beautiful spot to stay and catch our breaths after the hustle and bustle of Firenze...

Nawang, Himalaya
...I spent such amazing days here, I didn't want to leave. When I go back to Himalaya, I will pray to Lord Buddha that in my next life I will be born in this area as a farmer and produce plenty of delicious wines...

Lars & Alkia and Alena, Norway
..During our honeymoon tour in 1998, we promised that we'd return to Poggiacolle with our newborn baby, and we did it! Alena is was just 16 days old when she arrived at the farm, and she enjoyed it very much...

April '99, Carine & Ronen, Israel
...We came from Israel and only intended to stay two nights, but ended up staying for eight. We had the greatest time in this heavenly place. Thanks for the warm welcome and all the tips, and especially for the great VinSanto...

Ann, Califonia, USA
...Thank you, Stefano, for having such a wonderful place for me to be. Words can't express how wonderful you have been...

July '98, Kris & Brigitte, Belgium
...we couldn't have found a better place to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary: the silence, the view of the towers of San Gimignano, unforgettable...

Kate, Australia
...the countryside is breathtaking and you have such a beautiful country home. It is very difficult to leave such a place...

Lisa, Australia
...I could have easily spent the remaining four months of our journey here at Poggiacolle. Your lovely villa has the best location, view, and warm-hearted hospitality...

Allison, New York, USA you know that the directions of where the three windows face upstairs in the tower lend themselves so wonderfully to the wind? We would find ourselves being blown like little seeds in the mornings. I hope to dine with you many more times. You are so wonderful and I am honored to cal you our friend. Much joy to you...

Monika & Christine, Germany
...the house is absolutely wonderful. Our five days here have been like a little travel to paradise. The view is unforgettable. How will we go back to Schnelldorf?...

Chris, Lara & Edna, Alaska, USA
...The restoration and updates on this place are exquisite, not to mention the perfect location and great hospitality with a friendly and persponal touch...

...the swallows flying all around, at play like bats, circling the farmhouse, the hillsides, the land being worked over, so romantic...

Paul, Ohio, USA
..this is the nicest place, for sure, we saw in this region. See you next year, definitely...

..thank you for all your kindness and guidance and help. You have made our stay most wonderful...

Nick & Katrina, Australia
..the vineyards, the olive groves, rolling hills, chirping birds, a picture book Tuscan experience. Two months all over Europe and this was the highlight of our honeymoon...

...we were proud to be the first South Africans to be at your farm. You have a wonderful Agriturismo. Next year we'll be back to swim in your pool...

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